Are religions mutually exclusive?

The other religions are incorrect, so isn’t there a good chance you are incorrect?

The answer will normally be – “But my religion is the correct one”. And that’s a reasonable answer – as long as you then go on to convince that you are indeed correct about your particular faith.

The mutual exclusivity of the various religions has always struck me as eye-opening. It’s difficult to argue with a theism that their religion is definitely wrong. However religions are incompatible – Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism etc can’t all be correct. It means that if you see a group of people of various religions, in traditional regalia, with their various doctrine and hierarchy – that all but one of them are certain to be 100% wrong. They are definitely praying to nothing, and carrying out ceremonies and traditions that are completely empty.

It’s not an argument against god, but as far as two theists completely convinced that they are right about the nature of the universe – at least one is 100% incorrect.

Is it not the same for atheists? If an atheist says that God doesn’t exist, then perhaps yes. But generally atheists don’t say this and they don’t have doctrine, special clothing, religious rites and prayers. They don’t have leaders and buildings and hierarchy.

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