What’s God’s actual reason not to murder?

Murder Most Godly

Murder is wrong, right? We all know that. Many atheists will tell you it’s built into our genetic programming. We don’t want to murder, because we are built not to. After all – a group of beings that didn’t have this trait wouldn’t last very long. So the reason murder is ultimately wrong is because without the trait we wouldn’t last very long.

For Christians this isn’t good enough. It needs to be a transcendent rule – outside of us – otherwise someone can opt out. They can murder and you have nothing ultimate to point to. God provides the objective rule that we must follow; a rule we “feel in our hearts”.

But what is the reason for this ultimate rule? Is there a reason at all? Or is it just a rule that God made up? Perhaps it’s part of God’s very nature – but that still feels arbitrary.

Why ultimately does God not want us to murder? Could it be that he doesn’t want us to murder – because we wouldn’t survive very long without that rule? Don’t atheists and Christians agree on that?

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