Slavery in the Bible Discussion

I took part in an online debate last week with a very nice chap – David Vogel ( – he’s a Christian who is open to discussion with atheists. We discussed Slavery, War and Justice in the bible.

I really enjoyed the experience – it’s much easier to discuss something one to one, rather than trying to get your point across online, let alone in 140 characters. I was able to ask a lot of questions that have puzzled me regarding the Christian view of slavery.

The talk swerved off topic a little at the start, into God’s plan for the world – where I was trying to understand how David sees God’s perfect plan fitting with world history and various evils of the world. This is connected to my last post on God’s optimum plan. The video gets more specific to slavery later on.

Hopefully David and I will get a chance to have another discussion at some point. Check out his website for other debates with atheists and his take on various areas of Christian theology.

Please let me know what you think of the video – thoughts on the topic and the way the discussion went. I’m keen to do more and feedback on my style would be appreciated.

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