Why aren’t there any convincing healing videos on YouTube?

Healing miracles are often cited as evidence for the truth of Christianity. It is often stated that miraculous healings happen around the world all the time in Jesus’ name. Yet when you go on to YouTube and search for “Healing Miracle” the number and quality returned doesn’t seem bear this out.

There are 7.2 billion smart phones in the world – billions of people have pocket video recorders with them much of the time. 300 hours of video footage are uploaded to youtube every minute. If miracles were happening, you would expect the people involved to be rushing to share these events with the world. You would expect some decent footage.

I’d expect to see hundreds of modern videos, possibly outside the church setting (perhaps in hospitals?) – and not just cessation of pain or leg lengthening – but people who have never seen, or people who have never walked, or people who have body parts grow back on camera. Or someone with a mental impairment – with Downs Syndrome or Alzheimer’s – being instantly healed.

The videos that we get tend to be related to pain or improvement in a particular disorder. Why not something that is supernatural in nature? This is in stark contrast to the medical videos we see – people with a cochlear implant who hear for the first time or a Retinal Prosthesis to see again. I would expect religious versions of these medical videos.

I’m not saying healing miracles don’t happen, perhaps I’m searching in the wrong places. I’d love to see some decent videos, preferably with some documentation. Or I’d like an explanation why there are so few on YouTube.


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