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“If there is no God, then all that exists is time and chance acting on matter. If this is true then the difference between your thoughts and mine correspond to the difference between shaking up a bottle of Mountain Dew and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. You simply fizz atheistically and I fizz theistically. This means that you do not hold to atheism because it is true, but rather because of a series of chemical reactions” Douglas Wilson

At one level we are atoms – our bodies are made of them. But from the quote above Douglas Wilson seems to infer that we are made of something extra. Believers often posit something to fill that extra, but rarely go into detail – soul, spirit, ghost – these terms get banded around – but never with specifics.

I am starting this blog to explore various apologetics subjects and pose questions- I will likely focus mostly on the Christian religion. I was a Christian for a number of years and left the religion mainly because I couldn’t get answers to my questions.

However even after losing my religion I’ve always retained a deep fascination with the subject. Partly due to a residual worry of the afterlife, but also partly for my love of the idea of the supernatural. Gods, goddesses, dragons, wizards, myths and legends have always gripped my imagination – I’ve always loved magic and the idea of the supernatural.

I hope to explore different topics. The main areas I want to discuss are:

  • Miracles and the Supernatural – I’m going to dig into stories of magic in the modern world
  • Questions for Christians – Rather than vague philosophical questions I’m hoping to focus on real stumpers – points of theology and circular arguments that I don’t understand

I hope to keep a detached analytical point of view and keep my biases in check. I was a believer and in many ways I would still like to believe. I hope you’ll journey with me. I should stress that I’m not trying to shoot down religion in this blog, I’m open to answers, but so far I’ve found few that satisfy me. Please comment and email me and I will update my posts accordingly.

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